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Thompson Olive Leaf 5000 One A Day 60 Capsules

Product Description

Thompson's Olive Leaf 5000 is certified Organic in a low allergy formula.

Thompson's is proud to introduce New Zealand's first high potency, certified organic Olive Leaf supplement in a convenient, easy to swallow vegetarian capsule. This level of potency was previously only available in liquid products. Each Thompson's capsule contains standardised extract delivering not less than 75mg of the active component Oleuropein, the bitter component of Olive Leaf - a herb traditionally used to relieve fevers and viral infections, and a potent antioxidant.

Due to it's antioxidant activity, Olive leaf is a good choice to help with winter colds and flu; the bitter aspect of Olive leaf can also help stimulate the Liver and may assist with digestive issues due to high acidity.

Olive Leaf has also been shown in in vitro studies to have effective anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. With Oleuropein's antioxidant properties, Thompson's Organic Olive Leaf 5000 may help in the maintenance of a healthy cardiovascular system

Each Vegecap Provides:

Herbal extract equivalent to dry:
Olive (Olea europaea) leaf 5g (5000mg)

providing not less than 75mg Oleuropein per capsule