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Mebo Wound Repair 40g

Product Description

MEBO™ Skincare Range

MEBO™’s unique formulations are the only ointments that stimulate stem cell regeneration.

The ointments promote the natural regeneration of stem cells located at the bottom of the hair follicle. These cells are capable of producing not only the hair shaft, but also the daughter cells that create the dermis and

The power of stem cell regeneration was recognised in 1999 by the United States “Science” Magazine, which rated stem cell research as the world’s leading scientific

MEBO™ Burn Repair and MEBO™ Restore are the only ointments officially endorsed by the New Zealand Burn Support Charitable Trust Incorporated.

For the treatment of skin and diabetic ulcers, bedsores, haemorrhoids, shingles, chafed/cracked skin and other wounds.

MEBO™ Wound Repair aids natural healing of skin

MEBO™ Burn Repair aids natural healing of all burns, including scalds and sunburn

MEBO™ Restore aids in returning elasticity, fading scars and blemishes

MEBO™ Anti Itch helps to soothe the skin