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Mebo Burn Repair Ointment 40g

Product Description

MEBO Burn Repair 40g

Product Description

MEBO burn repair aids natural healing of all burns, scalds and sunburn

MEBO burn repair is especially formulated to promote the natural healing of all burns, including scalds, sunburn and nappy rash. By Supporting Stem cell regeneration , MEBO burn repair also helps to minimise scarring. in addition, it helps cool the affected skin and has a soothing effect. MEBO burn repair is made from 100 percent natural ingredients.

MEBO burn repair works by
helping to cool and soothe the affected area
Supporting stem cell regeneration to assist in the growth of new skin
helping to minimise scarring
moisturising and protecting the area

Minor scalding and burns, including sunburn: Smear ointment to a 1mm thickness over the burn as quickly as possible. Every 4-6 hours gently wipe off the residual ointment and reapply. Take care to avoid irritating the damaged skin. More serious burns: Smear ointment to a 2mm thickness. Carefully cut any blisters and discharge fluid. DO NOT remove affected tissue at this early stage. Every 4-6 hours gently wipe off the residual ointment and reapply. DO NOT use disinfectant or water to clean the affected area. Healing usually takes 6-7 days. Infected Skin: Treat as for minor burns Minimising scarring: If scarring occurs gently rub ointment directly on to the scarred area.
Precautions: Stop using if allergic or adverse reaction occurs. Not for internal use. Keep out of reach of children. If symptoms persist see your health professional. Use as directed. For more serious burns or if infection persists seek medical advice as an anti-infective treatment may be required.