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Mebo Acne Clear Ointment 30g

Product Description

MEBO acne clear ointment 30g

MEBO acne clear Helps Clear Pimples From Skin By Helping to Cleanse and Protect Irritated and Infected Skin, and supporting the Body's Own Immune Defences

MEBO acne clear is a 100% Natural Ointment Which is Effective For Daily Skincare, Leaving Skin Clean, Nourished and Smooth.

MEBO acne clear works by:

  • Helping to cleanse and protect dry, chafed, or infected skin
  • Supporting the body's own immune system
  • Helping the affected skin to recover

MEBO acne clear is one of a range of ointments from MEBO which are made from natural ingredients and are used throughout the world. MEBO ointments are unique in that they assist in the natural regeneration of stem cells in the skin. Stem cells that create both a hair shaft and epidermal cells are housed in the hair follicles. By stimulating these cells to regenerate, the ointment supports the growth of new skin tissue to promote healthy skin and minimize scarring.

Directions: Pimples: Clean the affected area and dry before application. Apply ointment generously to the affected area morning and night.

Main Ingredients: Cortex phellodendri, Rizoma coptidis, cactus extract, beeswax, sesame extract, trolamine, glycerine, guar gum