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CLINICIANS. Antibiotic Support Capsules 20s

Product Description

Clinicians Antibiotic Support Probiotic contains Lactobacillus acifophilus LA-5® and Bifidobacterium animalis BB-12® to help manage the side effects of Antibiotics and support healthy gut flora. Great for travelers too as it does not need to be refrigerated! 

Antibiotic Support Probiotics Benefits

  • Helps minimise antibiotic side effects during antibiotic therapy
  • Supports healthy gut flora and gut health during and after antibiotic therapy
  • Helps with energy and general well-being
  • Offers immune support
  • May be helpful with lactose intolerance

Antibiotic Support Features

  • No refrigeration required - great for travellers 
  • Suits the average time adults are prescribed antibiotics
  • Contains evidence based probiotic strains at proven levels to work synergistically alongside conventional medications
  • Proprietary encapsulation technology which ensures the probiotic strains survive stomach and bile acids so they can reach the small intestines and bowel where they are needed for maximum beneficial effect. The Probiotics survive due to a special polysaccharide matrix gel that dissolves only after the bacteria are released into the small intestine. 
  • Vegetable capsule suitable for vegetarians; Product is free from bovine material 
  • Special Alu/Alu blister packaging: Manufactured in a temperature and humidity controlled facility that is TGA approved and GMP certified. Keeps moisture out and prolongs the shelf life. 
  • Suitable for use during pregnancy and breast feeding
  • Cost effective