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Carbonyl Iron 18mg Tablets 30s

Product Description

Carbonyl Iron is essentially pure iron (98%) unlike most other irons which contain iron salts such as iron fumerate and iron glucanate. Traditional medicinal forms of iron, such as iron salts are poorly absorbed. Absorption is often less than 1% of the amount present, and the unabsorbed iron causes other problems such as constipation (especially in pregnancy), or less commonly looseness can result. Unlike iron salts, elemental iron is virtually non-toxic. It is an essential trace element with a long history of safe use in foods and medicines.

Iron in our body is essential in transporting oxygen and breaking down food components in the body. When we lack iron, you will feel tired, lack energy and feel depressed. Douglas Carbonyl Iron Tabs 18mg 30 is a iron supplement that Helps prevent all iron deficiency. Just take one whole tablet once a day. 

  • Pure iron formulation
  • Assists in treating iron deficiencies like anemia
  • Good source of iron
  • One box contains 30 tablets
  • Clinically shown to reduce common side effects to iron use like constipation and abdominal discomfort


Active Ingredients: Carbonyl Iron 18mg.